ABOUT ME  :)  

A very short biography

Hello, as you probably guessed my name is Andrew (how did you do that? :))… I've been playing music for a long time on the streets, I was traveling and playing in many places, on the streets of Brazil, Europe, but I never wanted to be famous or recognized… Having the people listening to my music and the little kids dancing was way satisfying enough. I played for everybody, and tried to bring some humanity to forgotten people like the poors and hobos. There is nothing more amazing than watching a smile on a stressed businessman passing by in front of you. It means that even in the most "hostile" places, music can make miracles. 


My relation with music

Playing on the streets there is also a feeling which is always there : you feel the bottom, you feel some kind of thrill, a survival mood. You start looking at "reality" differently and you understand society in a different way which is more true. I found beauty in simple things like traveling and being somehow alone, even when surrounded by everybody. It was essential for me to play music with my heart and not for reputation or fame. I've been playing in streets and restaurants for some money, but it hasn't been enough for me to afford a girlfriend yet! :) 


Well... What changed? 

Well, years passed... I now realized that I'm growing up, after all this time I finally decided to make a good studio record, with a good video clip. I needed money for all that, and with the help of my friends, family and people giving me money on the streets, I barely managed to pay the studio and the clip maker. :) I wish I could make other songs, a full album with different styles… That song, "So close", is actually just a small part of what I would like to do, I have in stock way more complex songs, also intimate, which would be quite special. I am not supported by any label, I don't have any producer, you didn't see "Vevo" in the bottom right of the video :) It's just me and you, how romantic! Just like on the streets, I rely on the support and the deep kindness of people. 


About the clip

It took us one day to take the videos of the clip. Most of us had never been in front of a camera, it was challenging in many ways! Finding a cheap cameraman took me about 1 month... I found many realisators who were cheap but not serious at all, most of them were just unaffordable for me. As said before, I collected the money from kind people in the streets, a bit from family and friends but still it took a long time.

It looks like one day is a lot of time to take a clip like this, but actually it isn't : the morning preparations, the make up on all faces, the dresses, just some guys beeing late because of the traffic is enough to have a big delay. We woke up at around 5 o clock to have the time to organize everything with the realizator. Also, the clip shows the story of 3 different days, so everybody had to change clothes 3 times... Actually all the actors that you see are friends, it has been hard to make them come during the day, because most of my friends were very busy or were too shy for the camera :). For an actor, even the simplest one, it means a lot of patience and work to be in a clip. Sometimes they had to wait a long time before their turn came and the scenes often had to be repeated many times to find the ideal ones, with them still beeing natural after several times filming the same scene. Also our location was quite special : they had to find the mountain we were at, make an half an hour climb, some of them were really complaining (I won't give names!). 

In addition to it, we did the clip in the winter, because it took longer than expected to make the song. And winter means : possible bad weather, cold and night coming early. We actually finished filming right on time before the night came. 
Just 3 days before the clip there was only rain. I trusted the weather forecast when they said there would be good weather on friday, the day we made the clip... It would not have been possible to make the clip on the weekend because of too many people visiting the mountain.
I've had a huge luck at many moments and I'm more than glad about that.
About the song 
Personally I have never recorded a song in a studio, everything has been new and adventurous! Singing in a micro is completly different than singing acoustically, it required training before being able to sing good in the mic. I played all the instruments that you hear : the cajon (sort of drum), Djumbe, Darbouka (another African drum which is at the end of the song), the Maracas sound, the guitar solos, the rythm guitar, the bass, the lead guitar, the gimmick, ... I had to borrow the bass and the percussions from friends. I've been thinking and hesitating a lot about how to make the song. I wanted to make something special, for budget reasons again I couldn't do all the things I wanted to, but I'm pretty satisfied. Just like with the clip it has been challenging to find a cheap serious studio, and I had the luck to meet a very talented and precise sound engineer, somebody who in addition to it gave me lots of advices, he has been a precious help in the record of the song. 
In total, collecting the money, making the song and the clip took a bit more than a year! 
That's why I come to you and ask for funds : because I don't want to finish the album when I'm a grandpa! :) 
Most of the time, artists are trying to sign with a label... Well I tried, but labels have so many demands from everywhere and no time, that I didn't have the possibility to work with them. So I said "why not making everything on my own after all?". And that's what I did. :)  So now, you somehow have my destiny in your hands. 










Download here =>   So Close.mp3








$ 2 => Thank you! :)                                      


$ 5 => Thanks a lot!                                      



$ 10 => Many kisses







$ 15 =>  I will send you a CD if the album someday is over. (please send me your address so that you could receive the cd).               






$ 25 => If someday I have enough money to make a concert, well it's free for you of course! (please send me your name and family name).     




$ 35 => Free concert and CD and love for you! (please send me your address as well as your name & family name so that you could receive the cd).     





$ 55 => Can I send you a cake by the post? (of course with free CD and concert so please send me your address  :) 





$ 75 => You're definitively crazy… (free CD and concert so please send me your address  :) 







More $ => I'm open to suggestions but no picture of me naked, please!!